Landscape Workshops & Tutorials.

Photography Workshops.

Landscape photography was & still is my first love. I've always been an artistic person who found wonder of photography when my uncle gave me a 120 roll film camera and some flash cubes when I was 13.

It wasn't too difficult to get inspiration for my photography as I was born in a town in Cumbria called Silloth situated on the West coast of Cumbria. Silloth is or should be world-famous for its sunsets and promenade.

I was hooked when I got a fluke image of the sunset on a 35mm Mirander camera bought for me by an old friend (which is in the gallery below).

The workshops include

Composition of photos and how this is key to building better photos.

For group or individual landscape photography tutorial sessions please click the link below

Fleetwith Pike from Buttermere shore with Haystacks making an appearance.
Silloth sunset, solfest, Silloth.
award winning winter sunset photo of the promenade at Silloth, cumbria,
Mirror perfection at beckfoot, Silloth beach
Receding tide & sunset from the beach at Silloth,
golden sunset on Silloth beach,
Criffel sunset from Anthorn,
sunset at Silloth over the sand bars,
Criffel from Beckfoot beach, Silloth, Cumbria. The tranquillity and simplicity.
Path to Silloth beach, Cumbria.
Silloth beach
Silloth beach composite image in Photoshop, several images stitched together.
Silloth Trilogy 1