Silloth Landscapes & Sunsets.

West Beach

Silloth 6/9/2007

Golden Sunset

Landscape photography is my first love. It wasn't too difficult to get inspiration for my photography as I was born in a town in Cumbria called Silloth situated on the West coast of Cumbria. Silloth is world-famous for its sunsets and promenade.

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Receding tide & sunset from the beach at Silloth,
golden sunset on Silloth beach,
Christchurch Silloth, Silloth, sunset,
sunsets at Silloth, Tommy legs,
award winning winter sunset photo of the promenade at Silloth, cumbria,
Criffel sunset from Anthorn,
Silloth sunset, solfest, Silloth.
sunset at Silloth over the sand bars,
Silloth Trilogy 2
Mirror perfection at beckfoot, Silloth beach
Crop duster, West Beach, Silloth
Stepping Stones, Silloth.
A bit blurry but always beautiful.
I can smell the seaside.
Simplicity is key, Kirkbride, Cumbria.
Beckfoot, Silloth.
Criffel from Beckfoot beach, Silloth, Cumbria. The tranquillity and simplicity.
Skinburness Hotel, Silloth.